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Michiel is a partner and founder of CocoPallet. He is a serial entrepreneur specialized in the Circular Economy and Bio Based products. Making impossible things possible is a skill he learned during his time in the Army. He knows his way around in Asia, the Caribbean and Middle East. Michiel is the creative force behind the CocoPallet project. Michiel knows a whole lot about coconuts!

In his spare time Michiel likes to run, read and practice martial arts.

kiel flores


Kiel loves everything that has to do with pallets. He spent the last 8 years working in the pallet pooling industry & has lived in several countries across Southeast Asia.

He specializes in business development with a focus on start-ups in emerging countries and brings to Coco Pallet his wealth of experience & expertise in the Asian pallet market. He proudly represents the Philippines as he persistently engages to kick start the development side of CocoPallet.

He finds peace outdoors, whether its swimming in the oceans or hiking up the mountains. Adventure is definitely in his DNA

Dick Rempt 


Dick is a serial entrepreneur with a background in a.o. media production/media technology and venture capital. He believes tech entrepreneurs can have a huge positive impact on the future of our planet. For that reason, he decided to invest in CocoPallet and joined the team as Managing Director in May of 2019. He drives our fundraising efforts, business planning & execution, and our marketing & sales. He enjoys socializing and the outdoors, walking the dog daily. Riding 200+km on his racing bike with some friends is a weekly routine.   

Jochem is an experienced investor with a finance background of 10 years in a private equity fund, 5 years as a CFO of a telecom company and several years as an informal impact investor. As he lived in the tropics when he was young, he believes forests are special and should be protected. That was one of the reasons for Jochem to invest in CocoPallet beginning of 2020. As CFO, Jochem is responsible for finance, legal and tax matters. He has a passion for running, mountain biking and going for safari trips in Africa   

Ebel Kemeling


Ebel is a Founding Partner at Spring Associates, a Clean Tech Consultancy firm. He holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy from Leiden University and an MBA from INSEAD. He has since worked at Booz Allen Hamilton, and has held management positions at lost Boys, along with having founded several companies. Ebel’s role with CocoPallet is centered around strategy, advising, and networking. With Ebel a whole team of Spring Associates consultants strengthens the ranks of CocoPallet.

Jochem in 't Velt


Marc Sprakel


Marc is our eyes and ears in Indonesia. He is a Nijenrode University graduate but left the Netherlands after 2 years of military service as an officer in the Royal Marines serving in the Netherlands and West Indies.

He settled in Indonesia in the 90-ies expanding the family business in textiles for technical applications. During the past 3 years Marc has been responsible laying the foundation for CocoPallet’s first production facility. After more than 20 years in Indonesia, Marc is very well connected in many industries and speak Bahasa fluently.

Jurriaan Strootman

R&D Manager

He approached us a few years ago in the early stage of CocoPallet and showed us perseverance, inspired by our mission and driven by his entrepreneurial ambitions. 

Jurriaan has a Master degree in Energy and Sustainability. Energy is for us key to lower our CO2 impact and at the same time reduce production costs making us more competitive and scalable.

He is currently developing the industrial production process and assesses innovative solutions to improve the energy efficiency of the to be build production facility.

As CocoPallet is a hands-on project he fits into the team by not being afraid to get his hands dirty.

CocoPallet 1100x1100 mm

The advantage of a nestable


3000 kg


The coconut tree is called the Tree of Life because of the many uses from  its roots to its leaves. It gives us food, drinks, building material, roofing, high caloric fuel, the best activated carbon for filters and Coco Diesel.


Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is considered as one of the healthiest oils and has great beneficial properties. In your dish, in your hair and on a baby’s skin. It is a single component product. On a pot of VCO you will only read: Ingredient: Coconut oil

Compare this with the long list of unpronounceable ingredients in most creams, lotions and shampoos.


Are CocoPallet® export pallets bio-degradable?

Yes, 100%. We do not use pesticides, synthetics resins, additives or nails. After use, our export pallets can be shredded, recycled or composted. We are actively exploring and developing ways to use our CocoPallet® export pallets as soil improver pot soil. Of course, it has caloric value too, but using this biomass as fuel is not the most circular use possible.

What problem(s) are you solving?

In the circular economy you hardly ever solve only one problem at the time. We buy the coconut husk from the farmers, creating extra income at the bottom of the pyramid. The farmers stop burning the coconut husks; which reduces the air pollution. Our CocoPallets replace single-use one-way wooden export pallets; fewer trees need to be cut and shipped for these purposes. The customer saves money and lowers its Carbon footprint. At the end the milled CocoPallet export pallets are excellent -heat treated- biomass for agricultural purposes.


Can you replace all pallets?

It is not a one size fits all solution we have. We encourage the use of multiple-use pallets in pooling systems. This has often the lowest costs and the lowest environmental impact. For export this however mostly no option. The pallets just have to be strong enough, ISPM15 compliant and as cheap as possible. We believe that wood can better be used for long-lasting purposes such as construction, furniture, and toys instead of being used for short time use as an export pallet.


Are the CocoPallet export pallets rackable?

We have chosen for a nestable design that enables us the ship many pallets per container instead of shipping lots of air if we would use the traditional block pallet model. If you want to use our products in racks, you need to have closed floor in your racks or use a slave pallet underneath.

How much space do CocoPallet® export pallets save?

Up to 70%. E.g. a stack of 20 of our pallets measures around 0,75M total height, whereas a stack of 20 normal pallets measures 2,70M. This means that around 1200 standard size CocoPallet® export pallets will fit in a 40-foot container.


Are your export pallets ISPM15 compliant?

Yes, fully. 100% free of bugs. This is guaranteed by the nature of the CocoPallet proprietary manufacturing process and the impenetrable nature of the final product. This unique feature not only saves money as no pest treatment is necessary but it also saves valuable time during transport, as we will provide you with documents that guarantee a fast lane passing at the port of arrival without the usual delays that are common with wooden pallets due to checks for harmful pests.


Which part of the coconut waste stream is used to make your products?

The outer-hairy-part called the husk, which is wasted 85% of the time.

  • The hard-thin shell makes excellent charcoal and activated carbon

Can you customize to a specific design or size?

Yes, provided the production volume is substantial enough we can create special custom designs or sizes. We can even incorporate your company logo.

Why are your pallets economically more attractive than most wooden pallets?

CocoPallet International is dedicated to creating sustainable products that are price-competitive whilst ensuring must-have features like mechanical strength and compliance. E.g. a natural binder is used instead of an expensive synthetic resin. Also, we developed a very efficient manufacturing process that ensures a cost-competitive production of compliant pallets in substantial quantities.


Palm oil, coconut oil. Is that the same thing?

Absolutely not. Although palm oil also comes from a palm tree, it is a very different kind of palm tree and a very different industry. Rainforests are cut and burned to make place for monoculture palm oil plantations. There has been a massive global protest against the palm oil industry, because of its destruction of tropical ecosystems. Coconut trees can grow in almost any kind of soil. They are mostly found in coastal areas and are extremely resilient. For example, they love salt, which is something that kills almost any other tree.  The coconut tree is considered by many to be the tree of life, providing food, drink, fuel, building material, and much more. Coconut oil is much healthier for your body and for our planet than palm oil.

“He who plants a coconut tree,

plants food and drink, vessels and clothing, a home for himself and a heritage for his children”      

-South Seas saying-


What is the maximum weight CocoPallet® export pallets can handle?

That depends on the pallet type. Most of our pallets can easily handle 2000Kg static load and 1000Kg dynamic load. We are currently developing heavy-duty pallets that can handle bigger loads. 


Is it true that you use biomimicry techniques in your designs and processes?

Yes, that is true. We love it and it is smart. The core idea is that nature has already solved many of the problems we are struggling with. Animals, plants, and microbes are the cleverest engineers in developing structures, surfaces, processes. After more than 4 billion years of research and development, failures are fossils, and what surrounds us is the secret to survival. We encourage everyone to visit

Is CocoPallet international a Fair Trade company

and what about worker’s rights?

Absolutely. We take care of our entire team, the entire chain. The coconut farmer is just as important as the cook and the CEO. We want to have impact and inspire positive change.

Are you producing CocoPallet now?

We are not. We have closed our test plant and we are in the process of fundraising and finding local partners for the build of a series of CocoPallet manufacturing plants. We plan to deliver high volumes of CocoPallet export pallets by the end of 2020.







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