sustainable pallet solution

*available now for pre-order, launching Q4 2021*



Reduces costs and CO2 in the supply chain when used as an alternative for wooden one-way export pallets from Asia


Produced with heat and high pressure. 100% Wood free and therefore exempt from ISPM15 regulations

"The perfect export pallet"


Nestable design saves 70% shipping and storing space 


100% natural and biodegradable

Free of any synthetic resins


Fully circulair

Valuable as soil improver at end the supply chain


Saves millions of trees, turns coconut husk waste into value, reduces poverty of farmers

wooden pallet


Rising pallet life costs due to wood shortages, potential delays at port of destination, and end-of-life disposal


Costly heat treatment or toxic fumigation required for ISPM15 compliance with potential mold developing during use


Bulky design leads to inefficient, pollutive shipping and storage


Use of nails and chemical fumigation

Landfill or burning at end-of-life


Extra costs to dispose by transporting to landfill or burning 


Unsustainable one-time use of wood pollutive and better suited for long-term applications (furniture, building, etc.) 

The CocoPallet project  helps companies using one-way

export pallets from Asia, in achieving cost-savings while lowering their carbon footprint at the same time 

our services


Review of current logistics, flow, pallet quantities and needs, handling, destinations, and racking services

cocopallet solution

Support implementing the CocoPallet sustainable pallet solution. Discover CocoPallet impact on costs and CO2 reduction versus existing solution. 

trial & order

Trial solution to check storage and handling, value and limitations, reactions, feedback of pallet leading to preorder. 

end-of-life strategy

Support CocoPallet end-of-life use as circular soil improver (replacing peat moss) for agricultural use at end destinations. The milled CocoPallets have a substantial value at the end.


pallet specifications

Wooden Pallet vs. Nestable Pallet 

  • Standard size:

    • 1200 x 1000 x 115mm

    • additional sizes to follow

    • option to customize for sufficient quantities

  • Dynamic Load: 1000kg


  • Static Load: 3000kg

  • 100% Wood free 

  • Nestable: up to 70% space-saving with 1400 CocoPallets in a 40 foot container

3000kg load


Stapelen met kokos cocopallet michiel vos news

November 2016


"The advantage of the coconut husk is that it contains a natural binding substance, which eliminates the need for polluting synthetic glue."

financieel dagblad FD.webp

December 2018

Financieel Dagblad

"We buy the coconut husks at a fair price from farmers. Otherwise [the husks] are dumped or incinerated." 


December 2016

de Volkskrant

“CocoPallets are stronger and lighter than old-fashioned pallets, they are fire retardant, and are also easier to stack, so they take up less space. Above all, they are less expensive.”

Sustainable | Affordable | Bio-Based |
100% Wood Free | ISPM 15 Compliant |

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